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Stories and story-telling

Isabel has a strong reputation and experience in the industry for her story telling abilities, including her keynotes, tutorials, workshops and track sessions. She uses story-telling in her work practice, and workshops with others to teach how to communicate well using of headlines, haiku, and folk-tales. In 2017, she embarked on Stand-up Comedy as a new challenge, and launched this new venture at the Women Who Test events in STARWest 2017 and STARCanada 2017.

Isabel communicates on a number of sites:

Women who… podcast April 2019

Test Huddle Podcast 2018

In February 2018 I recorded a podcast with Ronan and Cliodhna from the TestHuddle

Malta Tester Meet Up at GiG February 2018

A taster here of a lovely workshop evening:

Taster video

STARWest 2017



UCAAT TX: UX for test tools


STARWest 2016

STAREast 2016 videos

2nd to 6th May STAREast Orlando

Test Lab 2016

HUSTEF: Leadership Followership Tutorial


BTD – CPD session trailer

EuroSTAR webinars

Interviews, articles and papers

2017 interview by Tricentis

2017 Sticky Minds Interview: leadership, followership

2010 Interview by Ministry of Testing

Sticky Minds: story telling

EuroSTAR interview

Paper: working ourselves out of job

Slides on SlideShare

Extracts from slide sets for tutorials, workshops, keynotes, presentations and lightning keynotes are uploaded here:

These are under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.