Learn with Isabel

Why learn with Isabel?

With over 30 years in the industry, in a wide range of projects and organisations, Isabel is keen to hand on knowledge and lessons learned to the next generations of IT folk, as well as continuing to learn from others. Isabel receives positive feedback on her teaching, and provides a variety of experiences.

How will she work with you?

Isabel is available to come to your workplace or conference to share, teach, coach and mentor on her specialist interest areas. She can provide courses, workshops and tutorials to explore experiences, as well as mentoring and coaching to individuals and teams. She is also happy to provide learning via informal discussions over team lunches, or with a presentation followed by a Q&A session.

People and Teamwork

Tutorials include:

  • Human factors for test automation.
  • Leading, following or managing? Efficient and effective ways to help your group thrive.
  • Leave me alone: Hey I’m hiding from my team.

Experiences and Stories

Tutorials, workshops and presentation/discussion sessions include:

  • Learning to tell our testing stories.
  • Stories: realising their potential and power.
  • Telling our testing stories.
  • My Failures in Software Testing.
  • UX? What about TX for Test Automation?
  • Quality in use: the beating heart of the user experience.

Enhancing your workbox

Tutorials and workshops include:

  • Using Influence Diagrams to understand testing.
  • Building and refining our testing workboxes.
  • Test design techniques.
  • Test management approaches.
  • Risk management.
  • Introduction to project management.

Very helpful … very enjoyable … learned a lot! … highly recommend … Isabel is very engaging … feel confident I can incorporate this in my problem solving process …  would love to hear more …loved the class… Isabel is fantastic … (feedback from STAREast 2016 Tutorials)