Consult with Isabel

Why consult with Isabel?

One consultancy customer said: “As co-author of a large and complex strategy (covering a major area of outsourced government IT) Isabel’s extensive knowledge, attention to detail and lucid style was a great asset. I would have no hesitation in working with her or calling on her services again.”

Isabel distills essences to give you beauty of service

Isabel’s consultancy service focuses on enabling you to provide a beautiful experience for you and your customers:

  • User eXperience: making your products and services a beautiful experience for you and your customers;
  • by distilling more than 30 years of knowledge in IT into
  • Quality Essence: the essentials to support the beautiful experience;
  • Testing Essence: making your software products support the beautiful experience.

How will she work with you?

Opportunities to consult with Isabel include 1-to-1 meetings at conferences, lunchtime and breakfast team Q&A sessions at your office, and formal consultancy engagements.

Typically Isabel will discuss your needs in a phone call or meeting, and then come in to spend a day or more observing, listening and talking with the teams. She will write a feedback report for discussion which will include recommendations, including sources of information and expertise that will help you.

If needed, Isabel can be available for longer engagements, preferably in a role to bring on and coach your people into enhanced roles and responsibilities.

To help you and your organisation grow in strength and capability, Isabel will work within her three focus areas of:

  • People and Teamwork;
  • Experiences and stories;
  • Enhancing Your Workboxes.

“… genuine expertise … enjoyed the team atmosphere … feel I grew as a person … 

… liked (her gentle) ruthlessness …  got the job done … very helpful to have Isabel on call …”