About Isabel

Isabel’s background is in IT but she works across organisations within and beyond the IT department.

She shares her experiences and learns from others at conferences presentations world-wide and in her writing.

Isabel  is based in the UK and Malta, but works as a practitioner and presents workshops and training courses world-wide. She works with other practitioners and consultants in various industries:

  • to provide and receive mentoring and coaching for growth;
  • to make up teams and bring in additional expertise and resource;
  • to review and improve ideas and methods.

 …having worked with Isabel on some high-profile and demanding projects, I can vouch for her decisiveness and confidence, her tenacity, her ability to get the best out of everyone. Even in a high-pressure workplace, Isabel makes everyone feel valued;

everyone gets a voice, everyone is (in the Latin sense) “educated” …

She has more than thirty years of IT experience in quality management and. Her quality management work focuses on encouraging IT teams and customers to work together via flexible processes designed and tailored by the teams that use them. She was awarded the EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award in 2017.

Isabel authored Achieving Software Quality Through Teamwork and chapters in Agile Testing: How to Succeed in an eXtreme Testing Environment; The Testing Practitioner; and Foundations of Software Testing.

She is a Chartered IT Professional and Fellow of the British Computer Society, and has been a member of software industry improvement working groups. She was the BCS SIGiST Programme Secretary 2015-2017, HUSTEF Programme Chair 2019, and EuroSTAR Programme Chair 2019.

Isabel enrolled in June 2017 as a post graduate student at the University of Malta, and is researching part-time into the UX of Testing Tools.

Her interest in fabric and sewing includes patchwork; using fabrics collected when travelling. Collecting and piecing the fabric together takes many years. She is a keen gardener, a member of the RHS and qualified in Horticulture to RHS Advanced Level. She enjoys story-telling, in oral, written and graphic forms, as well as drawing, painting and digital photography, taking pictures of reflections and light on water. She embarked on stand-up comedy as a new story-telling challenge in 2017, launching at the Women Who Test events at STARWest and STARCanada.

From our initial meeting and throughout the engagement it was clear that Isabel is a consummate IT professional and skilled and passionate individual….

Skills Isabel will bring to your organisation

MANAGE COMPLEXITY: Most of the projects Isabel has been involved in over the last 15 years involve organisation change, mergers, and cultural conflict. She is used to working with and resolving complex problems. This led to her writing on solving team and organisational complexities in “Achieving Software Quality Through Teamwork” (2004) and “A balanced scorecard approach to quality” (2006).

INFLUENCE OTHERS: Her work requires her to engage with, listen to, persuade, and influence individuals and teams at all levels of the organisation. For example, in one project Isabel had an advisory role to the test lead for a major multinational programme. Simultaneously she was advising the programmer manager, delivery manager, and the IT stream leads, as well as a number of central process improvement teams for the organisation. In her latest post, reporting directly to the MD, and working with the Sales & Marketing Directors, the IT director and the Support and Operations Managers to influence their approach to “Built in Quality” in all the company’s activities.

AUTONOMOUS YET TEAM-FOCUSED: From 1988, when Isabel suggested to the MD of K3 Group Ltd that a company quality programme was required, and consequently was appointed as quality manager, she has worked autonomously, leading and influencing in her own organisation and in client organisations. She has instigated, planned and implemented quality and process improvement programmes in a wide variety of organisations. She is self-motivated with a strong work ethic, but works collaboratively within teams to help positive change happen.

FLEXIBILITY AND EMPOWERMENT: Isabel has worked since the 1980’s on introduction and support of flexible, team-driven, customer-focused approaches to projects. This includes implementing agile-like approaches. She works with delivery teams and customers to improve interaction, to allow them achieve goals quickly yet in a disciplined manner. Isabel has worked on projects in a wide variety of industry sectors, and for organisations of all sizes.

EMINENCE AND AUTHORITY: Isabel is a popular and well respected international conference speaker, giving keynotes and tutorials in Europe, the USA and Australasia. She has contributed to standards working parties and retreat groups on software quality and testing. Isabel is a published author, including articles, book reviews, contributions to testing books and author of a book on software quality. She is an acknowledged expert on quality management, testing and measurement. As a trusted expert, almost all her work has been obtained by repeat business and recommendation.

TECHNICAL SKILLS: include the ability to perform test planning, analysis and design; test and project management; process audit and quality review; inspection/review lead; project, product and process measurement. As well as being a practitioner, she is a skilled and effective teacher, including information design; presentation skills; course design and delivery. She works in many types of project (traditional / phased / agile styles). In her latest post, she introduced testing, trained and coached others and carried out testing herself.

BUSINESS SKILLS: During all her major engagements and projects, she has presented to, liaise with, negotiate with, and mentor senior IT and customer managers and staff. She works with business teams and managers to help them carry out assurance and acceptance of systems, and to test their own business processes. For example, in one migration project for a UK insurance company Isabel advised both the IT programme manager and COO for the business on the migration controls and processes. Isabel has always worked to improve liaison within and between IT teams and the business. In her latest post, she worked with the developers and the business product owners very closely, including on customer touchpoints and user experience design.