Isabel Evans has over 30 years’ experience mainly in software quality management and testing. She works on improvement projects in a wide range of organisations. Her personal mission is to be happy, do good, and leave the world a better place. 

Isabel is honoured to be the recipient of the 2017 EuroSTAR Conference “Testing Excellence Award”.

Isabel addresses quality and improvement under three interlinked areas: Teams and People, their Experiences and Stories and Enhancing the Workboxes they use in their roles

  • People and teams make quality improvement happen. People and teams are affected by quality and problems.
  • People use their experiences and stories to communicate about quality, problems and how they are affected.
  • Workboxes contain materials, tools, notions and everything else people require to do what they do.

Isabel can help your organisations, businesses and teams with improvements that enable people and organisations to succeed at the challenges you face, now and in the future.

Isabel’s personal and professional methods are based around the concept of a Workbox. A sewing workbox is used to hold everything a sewer needs: tools, materials, equipment, notions, patterns, machinery, supplies. A professional’s mental workbox also has an attitude of mind and approaches that are versatile, flexible, strong, multipurpose, and the use of what is available, cost effective and can be used with other tools/materials.